BOPP Laminated Wrappers

We offer a wide variety of BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) and CPP (cast polypropylene) transparent rolls printed on a highly sophisticated rotogravure printing machine. We procure transparent and metalized co-extruded heat-sealable BOPP and CPP film from reputed vendors across the globe which is suitable for all customers automatic packaging applications, both with horizontal and vertical “form-fill-seal” machines (HFFS-VFFS) and for over-wrapping machines. We can supply printed rolls in single and laminated 2 ~ 3 layers specific to our customer requirement. Our range of lamination provides an added strength and improved presentation to the packed material. Available at highly competitive prices, we also customize various designs, sizes and volumes as per customer need. Our customer uses the rolls to pack wide range of food items and consumer goods like snacks, biscuits, edible products, etc. Types of BOPP and CPP printed laminated rolls offered by us are.

  • BOPP Transparent + BOPP Metalized
  • BOPP Transparent + CPP Metalized
  • BOPP Transparent + BOPP Transparent 
  • BOPP Transparent  + LDPE Transparent
  • BOPP Transparent + CPP Transparent 
  • CPP Transparent + LDPE Transparent
  • Polyester + LDPE
  • Polyester + Metalized Polyester + LDPE
  • Polyester + Alu.Foil + LDPE
  • Polyester + CPP Transparent
  • Polyester + Paper + LDPE