Polypropylene Woven Sacks

We produce Polypropylene Woven Sack by weaving polypropylene tapes in circular woven to form a high strength and lightweight fabric ideal packing solution for fertilizers, chemical, sand, wheat, flours, powder, rice, sugar, salt, grains, seeds, minerals  and other products. We offer woven sacks plain and printed with mouth (top) heat cut or sewn (hemmed) and bottom sewn customized according to customers preferred specifications as to weave, denier, weight, color and sizes that vary 30 to 80 cm or depending on the desired capacity available in the market. Owing to our long experience we can offer the best quality polypropylene woven sacks customized according to our customer's requirement and meet the international standard. We are specialized in providing our customer high strength, durability and lower cost woven polypropylene bags which are most popular in industrial package. The woven sack design is convenient for ease of filling as it is able to stand during the filling process.